Our Story

about hanboutiQ:

To embrace and share the beauty of Korean culture, this essence is the foundation of hanboutiQ.

We take traditional elements and infuse our passion for art to create modern artwear that embodies the spirit of Korea.

Through fine craftsmanship and premium materials, our handcrafted jewelry draws inspiration from the Korean art of decorative knotting known as maedeup. 

Here at hanboutiQ, we aspire to contribute to our culture and community in a meaningful way and it gives us great joy to share our passion.



 meet the founder: 

Jenny Jo, our creative designer and entrepreneur, has been contributing to the Korean community most of her adult life. With a career in Seoul as an on-air TV and radio personality, she also completed her masters in Korean studies at Yonsei University while pursuing the mastery of the art of hanji, maedeup, and Korean calligraphy.

Realizing that modernizing traditions is one way to keep the culture alive and vibrant, Jenny Jo was inspired to share her love for Korean culture and art. 

She founded hanboutiQ with the vision of creating art that packaged the ethos and cultural pageantry of Korea so that it could be shared by all. 

Through hanboutiQ, Jenny Jo continues to share Korean culture by infusing modern aesthetics and cultural motifs into jewelry and other art accent pieces.